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📜 Manifesto

We think education systems should allow anyone to learn anything, in any way they want, and get credentials in any way they want.


Education systems should be as permission-less as possible. Today, that means open to anyone with a smart phone.

Learn anything

We believe in interest-driven education systems. There should not be arbitrary restrictions to what one can learn.

In any way they want

Students should have the option to learn in any way they want. A physical short-term course, a MOOC, and everything in between.

Get credentials in any way they want

Members of the edu system should have the option to get credentials in any way they want. Producing an essay, some code, an academic paper, making a presentation, a YouTube video, sitting an exam — any way they can demonstrate their learning.

We think the best implementation of such an idea is a global, online-first, P2P credentialing system. We are starting Solvio for that end.

📑 About Solvio

We envision a future in which you can learn in any way you want, be it a short-term course or a MOOC, and choose any way to demonstrate your learning, be it an essay, a project or a presentation, and have a degree fully equivalent to a formal one. We want to give a formal basis to informal education. For that end we're building a P2P credentialing system Solvio, where you can submit any demonstration of learning and other people will rate you on how well you demonstrated understanding of that topic. Rather than a single product, we're creating a whole ecosystem of apps that advance this idea. The first one we're currently working on is Amos. In the first phase we attempt to build a community of people to tag learning resources on the web with metadata such as learning requirements and length. Check out the app here. If this community takes off we can enable search, and have a semantic search engine for learning paths, personalized to what you already know and your time constraint - which can be anything from 5 minutes to 5 years. There are dozens more apps that we can't wait to build. Join us in changing the world for the better.

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